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SubjectRe: [PATCH] clocksource: timer-ti-dm: Drop bogus omap_dm_timer_of_set_source()


On 13/02/2020 06:35, Suman Anna wrote:
> The function omap_dm_timer_of_set_source() was originally added in
> commit 31a7448f4fa8a ("ARM: OMAP: dmtimer: Add clock source from DT"),
> and is designed to set a clock source from DT using the clocks property
> of a timer node. This design choice is okay for clk provider nodes but
> otherwise is a bad design as typically the clocks property is used to
> specify the functional clocks for a device, and not its parents.
> The timer nodes now all define a timer functional clock after the
> conversion to ti-sysc and the new clkctrl layout, and this results
> in an attempt to set the same functional clock as its parent when a
> consumer driver attempts to acquire any of these timers in the
> omap_dm_timer_prepare() function. This was masked and worked around
> in commit 983a5a43ec25 ("clocksource: timer-ti-dm: Fix pwm dmtimer
> usage of fck reparenting"). Fix all of this by simply dropping the
> entire function.
> Any DT configuration of clock sources should be achieved using
> assigned-clocks and assigned-clock-parents properties provided
> by the Common Clock Framework.

Applied. Thanks

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