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SubjectRe: [V1,1/1] Input/misc: add support for Advantech software defined button
On Thu 2020-02-27 03:15:31, wrote:
> From: "Andrea.Ho" <>
> Advantech sw_button is a ACPI event trigger button.
> With this driver, we can report KEY_EVENTs on the
> Advantech Tabletop Network Appliances products and it has been
> tested in FWA1112VC.
> Add the software define button support to report KEY_EVENTs by
> different acts of pressing button (like double-click, long pressed
> and tick) that cloud be get on user interface and trigger the
> customized actions.

I'm not sure why you Cc half of the world. What does Dave Miller have
to do with this. Please be more careful (and drop me from the list).

Plus, I'm pretty sure you should not be detecting double clicks (etc)
in the driver.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)
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