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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/6] implement KASLR for powerpc/fsl_booke/64

在 2020/2/26 19:41, Daniel Axtens 写道:
> I suspect that you will find it easier to convince people to accept a
> change to %pK than removal:)
> BTW, I have a T4240RDB so I might be able to test this series at some
> point - do I need an updated bootloader to pass in a random seed, or is
> the kernel able to get enough randomness by itself? (Sorry if this is
> explained elsewhere in the series, I have only skimmed it lightly!)

Thanks. It will be great if you have time to test this series.

You do not need an updated bootloader becuase the kernel is
using timer base as a simple source of entropy. This is enough for
testing the KASLR code itself.


> Regards,
> Daniel

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