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Subject[PATCH v3 0/5] Documentation/locking/atomic: Add litmus tests for atomic APIs
A recent discussion raises up the requirement for having test cases for
atomic APIs:

, and since we already have a way to generate a test module from a
litmus test with klitmus[1]. It makes sense that we add more litmus
tests for atomic APIs. And based on the previous discussion, I create a
new directory Documentation/atomic-tests and put these litmus tests

This patchset starts the work by adding the litmus tests which are
already used in atomic_t.txt, and also improve the atomic_t.txt to make
it consistent with the litmus tests.

Previous version:

Changes since v2:

* Change from "RFC" to "PATCH".

* Wording improvement in atomic_t.txt as per Alan's suggestion.

* Add a new patch describing the usage of atomic_add_unless() is
not limited anymore for LKMM litmus tests.

My PR on supporting "(void) expr;" statement has been merged by Luc
(Thank you, Luc). So all the litmus tests in this patchset can be
handled by the herdtools compiled from latest master branch of the
source code.

Comments and suggestions are welcome!



Boqun Feng (5):
tools/memory-model: Add an exception for limitations on _unless()
Documentation/locking/atomic: Fix atomic-set litmus test
Documentation/locking/atomic: Introduce atomic-tests directory
Documentation/locking/atomic: Add a litmus test for atomic_set()
Documentation/locking/atomic: Add a litmus test smp_mb__after_atomic()

...ter_atomic-is-stronger-than-acquire.litmus | 32 +++++++++++++++++++
...c-RMW-ops-are-atomic-WRT-atomic_set.litmus | 24 ++++++++++++++
Documentation/atomic-tests/README | 16 ++++++++++
Documentation/atomic_t.txt | 24 +++++++-------
tools/memory-model/README | 10 ++++--
6 files changed, 92 insertions(+), 15 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/atomic-tests/Atomic-RMW+mb__after_atomic-is-stronger-than-acquire.litmus
create mode 100644 Documentation/atomic-tests/Atomic-RMW-ops-are-atomic-WRT-atomic_set.litmus
create mode 100644 Documentation/atomic-tests/README


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