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Subject[PATCH v3 0/2] SME EFI table updates/fixes
This patch series adds new EFI tables to the list of tables that are
to be mapped unencrypted when SME is active

- EFI TPM log and TPM final log tables
- EFI RNG seed table


Patches based on
git:// next

and commit:
dc235d62fc60 ("efi: Bump the Linux EFI stub major version number to #1")

Changes since v2:
- Split the patch into TPM related and RNG related patches
- Account for the moving of the RNG seed EFI table from struct efi
to a static variable

Tom Lendacky (2):
x86/efi: Add TPM related EFI tables to unencrypted mapping checks
x86/efi: Add RNG seed EFI table to unencrypted mapping check

arch/x86/platform/efi/efi.c | 3 +++
drivers/firmware/efi/efi.c | 18 ++++++++++--------
include/linux/efi.h | 2 ++
3 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)


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