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SubjectRe: [PATCH v9 00/17] Consolidate and improve NVIDIA Tegra CPUIDLE driver(s)
13.02.2020 02:51, Dmitry Osipenko пишет:
> Hello,
> This series does the following:
> 1. Unifies Tegra20/30/114 drivers into a single driver and moves it out
> into common drivers/cpuidle/ directory.
> 2. Enables CPU cluster power-down idling state on Tegra30.
> In the end there is a quite nice clean up of the Tegra CPUIDLE drivers
> and of the Tegra's arch code in general. Please apply, thanks!
> !!!WARNING!!! This series was made on top of the cpufreq patches [1]. But it
> should be fine as long as Thierry Reding would pick up this and
> the cpufreq patchsets via the Tegra tree, otherwise there will
> one minor merge-conflict.
> [1]
> Changelog:
> v9: - Added acks from Peter De Schrijver.
> - Added tested-by from Peter Geis, Jasper Korten and David Heidelberg
> who tested these patches on Ouya, TF300T and Nexus 7 devices.
> - Temporarily dropped the "cpuidle: tegra: Support CPU cluster power-down
> state on Tegra30" patch because Michał Mirosław reported that it didn't
> work well on his TF300T. After some testing we found that changing
> a way in which firmware performs L2 cache maintenance helps, but later
> on we also found that the current v9 series works just fine without the
> extra firmware changes using recent linux-next and the reason why v8
> didn't work before is still unknown (need more testing). So I decided
> that it will be better to postpone the dropped patch until we know for
> sure that it works well for everyone in every possible configuration.
> - Rebased this series on top of recent linux-next, in a result dropped
> the "cpuidle: Avoid NULL dereference in cpuidle_driver_state_disabled()"
> patch because it's not needed anymore.

I just noticed that this patchset was versioned wrongly, it should've
been v10. Sorry for the confusion, next version will be v11.

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