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SubjectRe: kernel 5.4.11: problems with usb sound cards

el 2020-02-02 a las 14:41 Johan Hovold escribió:

> I realised I forgot the test to match on the device descriptor when
> applying the blacklist. It doesn't matter currently since I only enable
> the quirk for your device, but if you haven't tested the patch already,
> would you mind testing the below patch instead?

Hi, Johan, thank you for looking into this. I tested your patch, and it
works! (5.4.11 and 5.5.0).

I haven't performed extensive tests, but the card is again recognized as
both playback and capture device. Thank you!

Is this and acceptable solution and will this patch be integrated into the

OTOH, you said:

> Ok, so the device has a broken altsetting 3 for interface 1, where
> endpoint 0x85 is declared as an isochronous endpoint, despite being used
> by interface 2 as an audio endpoint:
> Note that the broken altsetting probably should be using endpoint 0x81
> just like the other altsettings for that interface,

I can't say I understand exactly what you're saying, but do you think it
could be worth contacting the company and see if they are willing to fix
this with a new firmware?

Anyway, it's working now, thank you again.


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