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SubjectRe: [PATCH v12 5/9] hugetlb_cgroup: add accounting for shared mappings
On 2/11/20 1:31 PM, Mina Almasry wrote:
> For shared mappings, the pointer to the hugetlb_cgroup to uncharge lives
> in the resv_map entries, in file_region->reservation_counter.
> After a call to region_chg, we charge the approprate hugetlb_cgroup, and if
> successful, we pass on the hugetlb_cgroup info to a follow up region_add call.
> When a file_region entry is added to the resv_map via region_add, we put the
> pointer to that cgroup in file_region->reservation_counter. If charging doesn't
> succeed, we report the error to the caller, so that the kernel fails the
> reservation.
> On region_del, which is when the hugetlb memory is unreserved, we also uncharge
> the file_region->reservation_counter.
> Signed-off-by: Mina Almasry <>

With addition of the build fix,
Reviewed-by: Mike Kravetz <>

Mike Kravetz

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