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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 4/4] powerpc: Book3S 64-bit "heavyweight" KASAN support

Le 17/02/2020 à 00:08, Michael Neuling a écrit :
> Daniel.
> Can you start this commit message with a simple description of what you are
> actually doing? This reads like you've been on a long journey to Mordor and
> back, which as a reader of this patch in the long distant future, I don't care
> about. I just want to know what you're implementing.
> Also I'm struggling to review this as I don't know what software or hardware
> mechanisms you are using to perform sanitisation.

KASAN is standard, it's simply using GCC ASAN in kernel mode, ie kernel
is built with -fsanitize=kernel-address

You have more details there:


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