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SubjectRe: [PATCH tip/core/rcu 1/4] srcu: Fix __call_srcu()/process_srcu() datarace
On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 12:01:57PM -0500, Joel Fernandes wrote:

> Peter it sounds like you have a failure scenario in mind. Could you describe
> more if so?
> I am curious if you were thinking of invented-stores issue here.
> For educational purposes, I was trying to come up with an example where my
> compiler does something bad to code without WRITE_ONCE(). So far I only can
> reproduce a write-tearing example when write with an immediate value is split
> into 2 writes, like Will mentioned:
> But that does not seem to apply to this code.

> > > - snp->srcu_gp_seq_needed_exp = gpseq;
> > > + WRITE_ONCE(snp->srcu_gp_seq_needed_exp, gpseq);

Yeah, store tearing. No sane compiler will actually do that, but it is
allowed to do random permutations of byte stores just to fuck with us.

WRITE_ONCE() disallows that.

In that case, the READ_ONCE()s could observe garbage and the compare
might accidentally report the wrong thing.

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