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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 3/3] mm: memcontrol: recursive memory.low protection
On Fri 14-02-20 11:53:11, Johannes Weiner wrote:
> The proper solution to implement the kind of resource hierarchy you
> want to express in cgroup2 is to reflect it in the cgroup tree. Yes,
> the_workload might have been started by user 100 in session c2, but in
> terms of resources, it's prioritized over system.slice and user.slice,
> and so that's the level where it needs to sit:
> root
> / | \
> system.slice user.slice the_workload
> / | |
> cron journal user-100.slice
> |
> session-c2.scope
> |
> misc
> Then you can configure not just memory.low, but also a proper io
> weight and a cpu weight. And the tree correctly reflects where the
> workload is in the pecking order of who gets access to resources.

I have already mentioned that this would be the only solution when the
protection would work, right. But I am also saying that this a trivial
example where you simply _can_ move your workload to the 1st level. What
about those that need to reflect organization into the hierarchy. Please
have a look at
Are you saying they are just not supported? Are they supposed to use
cgroup v1 for the organization and v2 for the resource control?
Michal Hocko

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