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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] drm/sun4i: dsi: Remove incorrect use of runtime PM

First, sorry for the tone in my previous message. I wrote it too hastily.

> On 2/11/20 2:26 AM, Maxime Ripard wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 11, 2020 at 01:28:58AM -0600, Samuel Holland wrote:
>>> 3) The driver relies on being suspended when sun6i_dsi_encoder_enable()
>>> is called. The resume callback has a comment that says:
>>> Some part of it can only be done once we get a number of
>>> lanes, see sun6i_dsi_inst_init
>>> And then part of the resume callback only runs if dsi->device is not
>>> NULL (that is, if sun6i_dsi_attach() has been called). However, as
>>> the above call graph shows, the resume callback is guaranteed to be
>>> called before sun6i_dsi_attach(); it is called before child devices
>>> get their drivers attached.
>> Isn't it something that has been changed by your previous patch though?
> No. Before the previous patch, sun6i_dsi_bind() requires sun6i_dsi_attach() to
> have been called first. So either the panel driver is not loaded, and issue #2
> happens, or the panel driver is loaded, and you get the following modification
> to the above call graph:
> mipi_dsi_host_register()
> ...
> __device_attach()
> pm_runtime_get_sync(dev->parent) -> Causes resume
> bus_for_each_drv()
> __device_attach_driver()
> [panel probe function]
> mipi_dsi_attach()
> sun6i_dsi_attach()
> pm_runtime_put(dev->parent) -> Async idle request
> component_add()
> ...
> sun6i_dsi_bind()
> ...
> sun6i_dsi_encoder_enable()
> pm_runtime_get_sync() -> Cancels idle request
> And because `dev->power.runtime_status == RPM_ACTIVE` still, the callback is
> *not* run. Either way you have the same problem.

While the scenario I described is possible (since an unbounded amount of other
work could be queued to pm_wq), I did more testing without these patches, and I
could never trigger it. No matter what combination of module/built-in drivers I
used, there was always enough time between mipi_dsi_host_register() and
sun6i_dsi_encoder_enable() for the device to be suspended. So in practice
sun6i_dsi_inst_init() was always called during boot.

>>> Therefore, part of the controller initialization will only run if the
>>> device is suspended between the calls to mipi_dsi_host_register() and
>>> component_add() (which ends up calling sun6i_dsi_encoder_enable()).
>>> Again, as shown by the above call graph, this is not the case. It
>>> appears that the controller happens to work because it is still
>>> initialized by the bootloader.
>> We don't have any bootloader support for MIPI-DSI, so no, that's not it.

You are correct here. sun6i_dsi_inst_init() was indeed being called at boot. So
my commit log is wrong.

>>> Because the connector is hardcoded to always be connected, the
>>> device's runtime PM reference is not dropped until system suspend,
>>> when sun4i_drv_drm_sys_suspend() ends up calling
>>> sun6i_dsi_encoder_disable(). However, that is done as a system sleep
>>> PM hook, and at that point the system PM core has already taken
>>> another runtime PM reference, so sun6i_dsi_runtime_suspend() is
>>> not called. Likewise, by the time the PM core releases its reference,
>>> sun4i_drv_drm_sys_resume() has already re-enabled the encoder.
>>> So after system suspend and resume, we have *still never called*
>>> sun6i_dsi_inst_init(), and now that the rest of the display pipeline
>>> has been reset, the DSI host is unable to communicate with the panel,
>>> causing VBLANK timeouts.
>> Either way, I guess just moving the pm_runtime_enable call to
>> sun6i_dsi_attach will fix this, right? We don't really need to have
>> the DSI controller powered up before that time anyway.
> No. It would solve issue #2 (only if the previous patch is
> applied), but not issue #3.
> Regardless of when runtime PM is enabled, sun6i_dsi_runtime_suspend() will not
> be called until the device's usage count drops to 0. And as long as a panel is
> bound, the controller's usage count will be >0, *even during system suspend*
> while the encoder is turned off.
> Before the previous patch, the usage count would never drop to 0 under *any*
> circumstance.


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