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Subject[PATCH v4 1/3] IMA: Update KBUILD_MODNAME for IMA files to ima
The kbuild Makefile specifies object files for vmlinux in the $(obj-y)
lists. These lists depend on the kernel configuration[1].

The kbuild Makefile for IMA combines the object files for IMA into a
single object file namely ima.o. All the object files for IMA should be
combined into ima.o. But certain object files are being added to their
own $(obj-y). This results in the log messages from those modules getting
prefixed with their respective base file name, instead of "ima". This is
inconsistent with the log messages from the IMA modules that are combined
into ima.o.

This change fixes the above issue.

[1] Documentation\kbuild\makefiles.rst

Signed-off-by: Tushar Sugandhi <>
Reviewed-by: Lakshmi Ramasubramanian <>
security/integrity/ima/Makefile | 6 +++---
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/security/integrity/ima/Makefile b/security/integrity/ima/Makefile
index 064a256f8725..67dabca670e2 100644
--- a/security/integrity/ima/Makefile
+++ b/security/integrity/ima/Makefile
@@ -11,6 +11,6 @@ ima-y := ima_fs.o ima_queue.o ima_init.o ima_main.o ima_crypto.o ima_api.o \
ima-$(CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE) += ima_appraise.o
ima-$(CONFIG_IMA_APPRAISE_MODSIG) += ima_modsig.o
ima-$(CONFIG_HAVE_IMA_KEXEC) += ima_kexec.o
-obj-$(CONFIG_IMA_MEASURE_ASYMMETRIC_KEYS) += ima_asymmetric_keys.o
-obj-$(CONFIG_IMA_QUEUE_EARLY_BOOT_KEYS) += ima_queue_keys.o
+ima-$(CONFIG_IMA_MEASURE_ASYMMETRIC_KEYS) += ima_asymmetric_keys.o
+ima-$(CONFIG_IMA_QUEUE_EARLY_BOOT_KEYS) += ima_queue_keys.o
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