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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/4] libnvdimm: Cross-arch compatible namespace alignment
Dan Williams <> writes:

> ---
> Explicit review requests, but any other feedback is of course
> appreciated:
> Patch1 needs an ack from ppc arch maintainers, and I'd like a tested-by
> from Aneesh that this still works to solve the ppc issue. Jeff, does
> this look good to you?

OK, I've reviewed everything. Testing looks good with the change I
mentioned (memremap_compat_align returning PAGE_SIZE). I made sure a
4k-aligned namespace created under an unpatched kernel would be
accessible under a patched kernel. I also made sure that manually
setting align would allow for creating of poorly aligned namespaces, and
that those namespaces were then accessible on the unpatched kernel.

Thanks, Dan!


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