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SubjectRe: BLKSECDISCARD ioctl and hung tasks
On 2020-02-13 11:21, Salman Qazi wrote:
> AFAICT, This is not actually sufficient, because the issuer of the bio
> is waiting for the entire bio, regardless of how it is split later.
> But, also there isn't a good mapping between the size of the secure
> discard and how long it will take. If given the geometry of a flash
> device, it is not hard to construct a scenario where a relatively
> small secure discard (few thousand sectors) will take a very long time
> (multiple seconds).
> Having said that, I don't like neutering the hung task timer either.

Hi Salman,

How about modifying the block layer such that completions of bio
fragments are considered as task activity? I think that bio splitting is
rare enough for such a change not to affect performance of the hot path.

How about setting max_discard_segments such that a discard always
completes in less than half the hung task timeout? This may make
discards a bit slower for one particular block driver but I think that's
better than hung task complaints.



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