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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/3] IMA: Add log statements for failure conditions.

On 2020-02-12 4:21 p.m., Mimi Zohar wrote:
> On Wed, 2020-02-12 at 14:30 -0800, Tushar Sugandhi wrote:
>> On 2020-02-12 6:47 a.m., Mimi Zohar wrote:
>>> Hi Tushar,
>>> Please remove the period at the end of the  Subject line.
>> Thanks. I will fix it in the next iteration.
>>> On Tue, 2020-02-11 at 15:14 -0800, Tushar Sugandhi wrote:
>>>> process_buffer_measurement() does not have log messages for failure
>>>> conditions.
>>>> This change adds a log statement in the above function.
>>> I agree some form of notification needs to be added.  The question is
>>> whether the failure should be audited or a kernel message emitted.
>>>  IMA emits audit messages (integrity_audit_msg) for a number of
>>> reasons - on failure to calculate a file hash, invalid policy rules,
>>> failure to communicate with the TPM, signature verification errors,
>>> etc.
>> I believe both IMA audit messages and kernel message should be emitted -
>> for better discoverability and diagnosability.
> Like file measurement failures, failure to measure a key or the boot
> command line should be audited as well.  For debugging purposes, you
> could make this message pr_devel.
Ok. I will change this to pr_devel in next iteration.
> Mimi

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