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Subject[Regression 5.6-rc1][Bisected b6231ea2b3c6] Powerpc 8xx doesn't boot anymore
Hi Rasmus,

Kernel 5.6-rc1 silently fails on boot.

I bisected the problem to commit b6231ea2b3c6 ("soc: fsl: qe: drop
broken lazy call of cpm_muram_init()")

I get a bad_page_fault() for an access at address 8 in
cpm_muram_alloc_common(), called from cpm_uart_console_setup() via

Reverting the guilty commit on top of 5.6-rc1 is not trivial.

In your commit text you explain that cpm_muram_init() is called via
subsys_initcall. But console init is done before that, so it cannot work.

Do you have a fix for that ?


NB: Next time, can you please copy powerpc mailing list when changing
such core parts of powerpc CPUs ?

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