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Subject[PATCH v3 0/4] EDAC/mc: Fixes for mci device removal
This series is a split of

[v2] EDAC/mc: Fix use-after-free and memleaks during device removal

in smaller patches to better handle stable backports.

Patch #1 helps to ease backports of patch #2 to 5.3 and earlier
kernels, see patch descriptions of both for details.

Patch #2 is the smallest possible fix to address use-after-free and
memleak issues aimed for backports.

Patch #3 is another small patch that is split off for stable. This
fixes code already commited to stable trees.

Patch #4 is the all remaining code containing the rework of the mci
device removal. Resulting code is the same as in v2 except for the
changes outlined for v3:

* split patch into smaller pieces to ease backports,
* removed edac_remove_sysfs_mci_device() in edac_mc_free(), at this
point the mci device is always unregistered

Robert Richter (4):
Revert parts of "EDAC/mc_sysfs: Make debug messages consistent"
EDAC/mc: Fix use-after-free and memleaks during device removal
EDAC/sysfs: Remove csrow objects on errors
EDAC/mc: Change mci device removal to use put_device()

drivers/edac/edac_mc.c | 20 +++----
drivers/edac/edac_mc_sysfs.c | 100 +++++++++++++----------------------
drivers/edac/edac_module.h | 1 -
3 files changed, 48 insertions(+), 73 deletions(-)


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