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SubjectRe: LED backlight on Droid 4 and others

> > > It would be good to get LED backlight to work in clean way for 5.6
> > > kernel.
> ...
> > > [If you have an idea what else is needed, it would be welcome; it
> > > works for me in development tree but not in tree I'd like to
> > > upstream.]
> > >
> > > Lee, would you be willing to take "backlight: add led-backlight
> > > driver"? Would it help if I got "leds: Add managed API to get a LED
> > > from a device driver" and "leds: Add of_led_get() and led_put()" into
> > > for_next tree of the LED subsystem?
> >
> > It looks like you have an open question from Tony on v10.
> >
> > Is that patch orthogonal, or are there depend{ants,encies}?
> Uhh looks like we messed up a bit with integration. Now droid4
> LCD backlight can no longer be enabled at all manually in v5.6-rc1
> without the "add led-backlight driver" patch.. Should we just
> merge it to fix it rather than start scrambling with other
> temporary hacks?

We should just merge the "add led-backlight driver". Everything should
be ready for it. I'm sorry if I broke something working, I was not
aware it worked at all.

Unfortunately, this is backlight code, not LED, so I can't just merge it.

> I don't care if we use "default-brightness", or if we use
> "default-brightness-level". The binding merged says now
> "default-brightness", so let's go with that one. That's what
> other LED drivers are using too.

No opinion on that.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)
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