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Subject[PATCH 00/14] MIPS: Fixes and improvements for CI20 board (JZ4780)
This patch set provides several improvements for the CI20 board:

* suppress warnings from i2c if device is not responding
* make ingenic-drm found through DT
* allow davicom dm9000 ethernet controller to use MAC address provided by U-Boot
* fix #include in jz4780.dtsi
* configure for loadable kernel modules
* add DTS for IR sensor and SW1 button
* configure so that LEDs, IR sensor, SW1 button have drivers
* fix DTS for ACT8600 PMU and configure driver
* fix interrupt of nxp,pcf8563

There is another patch set in our queue to add HDMI support on top of this work.

Signed-off-by: Paul Boddie <>
Signed-off-by: H. Nikolaus Schaller <>

Alex Smith (1):
MIPS: DTS: CI20: add DT node for IR sensor

H. Nikolaus Schaller (13):
i2c: jz4780: suppress txabrt reports for i2cdetect
drm: ingenic-drm: add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE
net: davicom: dm9000: allow to pass MAC address through mac_addr
module parameter
MIPS: DTS: jz4780: fix #includes for irq.h and gpio.h
MIPS: CI20: defconfig: configure for supporting modules
MIPS: CI20: defconfig: compile leds-gpio driver into the kernel and
configure for LED triggers
MIPS: DTS: CI20: fix PMU definitions for ACT8600
MIPS: CI20: defconfig: configure CONFIG_REGULATOR_ACT8865 for PMU
MIPS: DTS: CI20: give eth0_power a defined voltage.
MIPS: CI20: defconfig: compile gpio-ir driver
MIPS: DTS: CI20: add DT node for SW1 as Enter button
MIPS: CI20: defconfig: configure for CONFIG_KEYBOARD_GPIO=m
MIPS: DTS: CI20: fix interrupt for pcf8563 RTC

arch/mips/boot/dts/ingenic/ci20.dts | 71 ++++++++++++++++++++------
arch/mips/boot/dts/ingenic/jz4780.dtsi | 2 +
arch/mips/configs/ci20_defconfig | 21 ++++++++
drivers/gpu/drm/ingenic/ingenic-drm.c | 2 +
drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-jz4780.c | 3 ++
drivers/net/ethernet/davicom/dm9000.c | 42 +++++++++++++++
6 files changed, 125 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)


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