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Subject[PATCH 0/4] net: sfp: add support for GPON RTL8672/RTL9601C and Ubiquiti U-Fiber
This patch series add generic workaround for reading EEPROM content from
broken GPON SFP modules based on Realtek RTL8672/RTL9601C chips and add
another workarounds for GPON SFP module Ubiquiti U-Fiber Instant.

GPON SFP modules based on Realtek RTL8672/RTL9601C chips do not have a
real EEPROM but rather EEPROM emulator which is broken and needs special
hack for reading its content.

SFP module detection is done based on EEPROM content. But we obviously
cannot read EEPROM correctly if we do not know what type of connected
SFP module... And to have this chicken and egg problem more complicated,
GPON vendors generally put garbage into their EEPROM content so even
with knowing EEPROM content we do not know what kind of broken SFP is
connected... Workaround for Realtek RTL8672/RTL9601C based modules is
therefore done based on broken EEPROM reading characteristic.

This patch series also available in my git branch sfp-rtl8672:

Pali Rohár (4):
net: sfp: add workaround for Realtek RTL8672 and RTL9601C chips
net: sfp: allow to use also SFP modules which are detected as SFF
net: sfp: assume that LOS is not implemented if both LOS normal and
inverted is set
net: sfp: add mode quirk for GPON module Ubiquiti U-Fiber Instant

drivers/net/phy/sfp-bus.c | 15 +++++
drivers/net/phy/sfp.c | 117 ++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
2 files changed, 83 insertions(+), 49 deletions(-)


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