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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3 1/3] arm64: topology: Avoid the have_policy check
On 15-12-20, 11:04, Viresh Kumar wrote:
> Every time I have stumbled upon this routine, I get confused with the
> way 'have_policy' is used and I have to dig in to understand why is it
> so. Here is an attempt to make it easier to understand, and hopefully it
> is an improvement.
> The 'have_policy' check was just an optimization to avoid writing
> to amu_fie_cpus in case we don't have to, but that optimization itself
> is creating more confusion than the real work. Lets just do that if all
> the CPUs support AMUs. It is much cleaner that way.
> Reviewed-by: Ionela Voinescu <>
> Signed-off-by: Viresh Kumar <>
> ---
> V3:
> - Added Reviewed by tag.

Catalin, please pick the first two patches for 5.11. I will send the
last one separately later on.


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