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Subject[PATCH 0/4] sched/fair: Burstable CFS bandwidth controller
The CFS bandwidth controller limits CPU requests of a task group to
quota during each period. However, parallel workloads might be bursty
so that they get throttled. And they are latency sensitive at the same
time so that throttling them is undesired.

Scaling up period and quota allows greater burst capacity. But it might
cause longer stuck till next refill. We introduce "burst" to allow
accumulating unused quota from previous periods, and to be assigned when
a task group requests more CPU than quota during a specific period. Thus
allowing CPU time requests as long as the average requested CPU time is
below quota on the long run. The maximum accumulation is capped by burst
and is set 0 by default, thus the traditional behaviour remains.

A huge drop of 99th tail latency from more than 500ms to 27ms is seen for
real java workloads when using burst. Similar drops are seen when
testing with schbench too:

echo $$ > /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/test/cgroup.procs
echo 700000 > /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/test/cpu.cfs_quota_us
echo 100000 > /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/test/cpu.cfs_period_us
echo 400000 > /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu/test/cpu.cfs_burst_us

# The average CPU usage is around 500%, which is 200ms CPU time
# every 40ms.
./schbench -m 1 -t 30 -r 60 -c 10000 -R 500

Without burst:

Latency percentiles (usec)
50.0000th: 7
75.0000th: 8
90.0000th: 9
95.0000th: 10
*99.0000th: 933
99.5000th: 981
99.9000th: 3068
min=0, max=20054
rps: 498.31 p95 (usec) 10 p99 (usec) 933 p95/cputime 0.10% p99/cputime 9.33%

With burst:

Latency percentiles (usec)
50.0000th: 7
75.0000th: 8
90.0000th: 9
95.0000th: 9
*99.0000th: 12
99.5000th: 13
99.9000th: 19
min=0, max=406
rps: 498.36 p95 (usec) 9 p99 (usec) 12 p95/cputime 0.09% p99/cputime 0.12%

How much workloads with benefit from burstable CFS bandwidth control
depends on how bursty and how latency sensitive they are.

Previously, Cong Wang and Konstantin Khlebnikov proposed similar

This time we present more latency statistics and handle overflow while

Huaixin Chang (4):
sched/fair: Introduce primitives for CFS bandwidth burst
sched/fair: Make CFS bandwidth controller burstable
sched/fair: Add cfs bandwidth burst statistics
sched/fair: Add document for burstable CFS bandwidth control

Documentation/scheduler/sched-bwc.rst | 49 +++++++++++--
include/linux/sched/sysctl.h | 2 +
kernel/sched/core.c | 126 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
kernel/sched/fair.c | 58 +++++++++++++---
kernel/sched/sched.h | 9 ++-
kernel/sysctl.c | 18 +++++
6 files changed, 232 insertions(+), 30 deletions(-)


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