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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 00/30] Modernise VDSO setup
On Sun, 27 Sep 2020 09:16:16 +0000 (UTC), Christophe Leroy wrote:
> This series modernises the setup of VDSO:
> - Switch to using _install_special_mapping() which has replaced install_special_mapping()
> - Move datapage in front of text like most other architectures to simplify its localisation
> - Perform link time symbol resolution instead of runtime
> This leads to a huge size reduction of vdso.c
> [...]

Applied to powerpc/next.

[01/30] powerpc/vdso: Stripped VDSO is not needed, don't build it
[02/30] powerpc/vdso: Add missing includes and clean vdso_setup_syscall_map()
[03/30] powerpc/vdso: Rename syscall_map_32/64 to simplify vdso_setup_syscall_map()
[04/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove get_page() in vdso_pagelist initialization
[05/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove NULL termination element in vdso_pagelist
[06/30] powerpc/vdso: Refactor 32 bits and 64 bits pages setup
[07/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove unnecessary ifdefs in vdso_pagelist initialization
[08/30] powerpc/vdso: Use VDSO size in arch_setup_additional_pages()
[09/30] powerpc/vdso: Simplify arch_setup_additional_pages() exit
[10/30] powerpc/vdso: Move to _install_special_mapping() and remove arch_vma_name()
[11/30] powerpc/vdso: Provide vdso_remap()
[12/30] powerpc/vdso: Replace vdso_base by vdso
[13/30] powerpc/vdso: Move vdso datapage up front
[14/30] powerpc/vdso: Simplify __get_datapage()
[15/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove unused \tmp param in __get_datapage()
[16/30] powerpc/vdso: Retrieve sigtramp offsets at buildtime
[17/30] powerpc/vdso: Use builtin symbols to locate fixup section
[18/30] powerpc/vdso: Merge __kernel_sync_dicache_p5() into __kernel_sync_dicache()
[19/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove vdso32_pages and vdso64_pages
[20/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove __kernel_datapage_offset
[21/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove runtime generated sigtramp offsets
[22/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove vdso_patches[] and associated functions
[23/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove unused text member in struct lib32/64_elfinfo
[24/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove symbol section information in struct lib32/64_elfinfo
[25/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove lib32_elfinfo and lib64_elfinfo
[26/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove vdso_setup()
[27/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove vdso_ready
[28/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove DBG()
[29/30] powerpc/vdso: Remove VDSO32_LBASE and VDSO64_LBASE
[30/30] powerpc/vdso: Cleanup vdso.h


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