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SubjectRe: [PATCH] net/dsa: remove unused macros to tame gcc warning

在 2020/11/7 上午12:39, Florian Fainelli 写道:
>> Hi Alex
>> It is good to remember that there are multiple readers of source
>> files. There is the compiler which generates code from it, and there
>> is the human trying to understand what is going on, what the hardware
>> can do, how we could maybe extend the code in the future to make use
>> of bits are currently don't, etc.
>> The compiler has no use of these macros, at the moment. But i as a
>> human do. It is valuable documentation, given that there is no open
>> datasheet for this hardware.
>> I would say these warnings are bogus, and the code should be left
>> alone.
> Agreed, these definitions are intended to document what the hardware
> does. These warnings are getting too far.
> --

Thanks for all comments! I agree these info are much meaningful.
Is there other way to tame the gcc warning? like put them into a .h file
or covered by comments?


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