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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 17/18] scsi: megaraid_sas: Added support for shared host tagset for cpuhotplug
On 04/11/2020 16:07, Kashyap Desai wrote:
>>> v5.10-rc2 is also broken here.
>> John, Kashyap, any update on this? If this is going to take a while to fix
>> it
>> proper, should I send a patch to revert this or at least disable the
>> feature by
>> default for megaraid_sas in the meantime, so it no longer breaks the
>> existing
>> systems out there?
> I am trying to get similar h/w to try out. All my current h/w works fine.
> Give me couple of days' time.
> If this is not obviously common issue and need time, we will go with module
> parameter disable method.
> I will let you know.

Hi Kashyap,

Please also consider just disabling for this card, so any other possible
issues are unearthed on other cards. I don't have this card or any x86
machine to test it unfortunately to assist.

BTW, just to be clear, did you try the same .config as Qian Cai?


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