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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 0/6] net: ipa: tell GSI the IPA version
On Mon,  2 Nov 2020 11:53:54 -0600 Alex Elder wrote:
> The GSI code that supports IPA avoids having knowledge about the
> IPA layer it serves. One result of this is that Boolean flags are
> used during GSI initialization to convey that certain hardware
> version-dependent special behaviors should be used.
> A given version of IPA hardware uses a fixed/well-defined version
> of GSI, so the IPA version really implies the GSI version.
> If given only the IPA version, the GSI code supporting IPA can
> use it to implement certain special behaviors required for IPA
> *or* GSI. This avoids the need to pass and maintain numerous
> Boolean flags.

Applied, thanks.

> Note: the last patch in this series depends on this patch posted
> for review earlier today:

But in the future please don't post dependent changes like this. The
build bots cannot figure this out and give up on checking your series.

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