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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 0/6] Exynos: Simple QoS for exynos-bus using interconnect
Hi Chanwoo, Georgi

On 03.11.2020 09:53, Chanwoo Choi wrote:
> On 11/3/20 5:29 PM, Georgi Djakov wrote:
>> On 11/3/20 09:54, Chanwoo Choi wrote:

>>> When I tested this patchset on Odroid-U3,
>>> After setting 0 bps by interconnect[1][2],
>>> the frequency of devfreq devs sustain the high frequency
>>> according to the pm qos request.
>>> So, I try to find the cause of this situation.
>>> In result, it seems that interconnect exynos driver
>>> updates the pm qos request to devfreq device
>>> during the kernel booting. Do you know why the exynos
>>> interconnect driver request the pm qos during probe
>>> without the mixer request?
>> That's probably because of the sync_state support, that was introduced
>> recently. The icc_sync_state callback needs to be added to the driver
>> (i just left a comment on that patch), and then check again if it works.
>> The idea of the sync_state is that there could be multiple users of a
>> path and we must wait for all consumers to tell their bandwidth needs.
>> Otherwise the first consumer may lower the bandwidth or disable a path
>> needed for another consumer (driver), which has not probed yet. So we
>> maintain a floor bandwidth until everyone has probed. By default the floor
>> bandwidth is INT_MAX, but can be overridden by implementing the get_bw()
>> callback.

Thanks for detailed explanation Georgi.

> Thanks for guide. I tested it with your comment of patch2.
> It is well working without problem as I mentioned previously.
> I caught the reset operation of PM QoS requested from interconnect
> on kernel log. In result, after completed the kernel booting,
> there is no pm qos request if hdmi cable is not connected.

Thanks for the bug report Chanwoo, it's related to the sync_state
feature as you guys already figured out. I had to reorder some code
in the interconnect driver probe() to avoid some issues,
i.e. to register PM QoS request before icc_node_add() call but
I forgot to check initial state of the bus frequencies.

I thought the get_bw implementation might be needed but the default
behaviour seems fine, the PM QoS derived bus frequencies will be
clamped in the devfreq to valid OPP values.

Chanwoo, in order to set the bandwidth to 0 we could also just blank
the display. Below are some of the commands I use for testing.

# blank display (disable the mixer entirely)
echo 4 > /sys/devices/platform/exynos-drm/graphics/fb0/blank

# unblank display
echo 0 > /sys/devices/platform/exynos-drm/graphics/fb0/blank

# modetest with 2 planes (higher bandwidth test)
./modetest -s 47:1920x1080 -P 45:1920x1080 -v


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