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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/4] Clarify abstract scale usage for power values in Energy Model, EAS and IPA

On 11/2/20 1:54 PM, Quentin Perret wrote:
> On Monday 02 Nov 2020 at 08:54:38 (+0000), Lukasz Luba wrote:
>> Gentle ping to Quentin and Daniel for sharing opinion on this patch set.
>> If you are OK, then I could use this as a base for next work.
> One or two small nits, but overall this LGTM. Thanks Lukasz.

Thank you Quentin for the review. I am going to send v4 with these small


>> As you probably know I am working also on 'sustainable power' estimation
>> which could be used when there is no DT value but it comes from FW.
>> That would meet requirement from Doug, when the DT cannot be used,
>> but we have sustainable levels from FW [1].
> Cool, and also, I'd be happy to hear from Doug if passing the sustained
> power via sysfs is good enough for his use-case in the meantime?
> Thanks,
> Quentin

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