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SubjectRe: [EXT] Re: [v2 01/11] irqchip: ls-extirq: Add LS1043A, LS1088A external interrupt
On 02/11/2020 22.22, Leo Li wrote:
>>> Where did you get this information that the register on LS1043 and
>>> LS1046 is bit reversed? I cannot find such information in the RM.
>>> And does this mean all other SCFG registers are also bit reversed? If
>>> this is some information that is not covered by the RM, we probably
>>> should clarify it in the code and the commit message.
>> Hi Leo,
>> I directly use the same logic to write the bit(field IRQ0~11INTP) of the
>> register SCFG_INTPCR in LS1043A and LS1046A.
>> Such as,
>> if I want to control the polarity of IRQ0(field IRQ0INTP, IRQ0 is active low) of
>> LS1043A/LS1046A, then I just need write a value 1 << (31 - 0) to it.
>> The logic depends on register's definition in LS1043A/LS1046A's RM.
> Ok. The SCFG_SCFGREVCR seems to be a one-off fixup only existed on LS1021. And it is mandatory to be bit_reversed according to the RM which is already taken care of in the RCW. So the bit reversed case should be the only case supported otherwise a lot of other places for SCFG access should be failed.
> I think we should remove the bit_reverse thing all together from the driver for good. This will prevent future confusion. Rasmus, what do you think?

Yes, all the ls1021a-derived boards I know of do have something like

# Initialize bit reverse of SCFG registers
09570200 ffffffff

in their pre-boot-loader config file. And yes, the RM does say

This register must be written 0xFFFF_FFFF as a part of
initialization sequence before writing to any other SCFG

but nowhere does it say "or else...", nor a little honest addendum
"because we accidentally released broken silicon with this misfeature
_and_ wrong POR value".

Can we have an official statement from NXP stating that SCFGREVCR is a
hardware design bug? And can you send it through a time-machine so I had
it three years ago avoiding the whole "fsl,bit-reverse
device-tree-property, no, read the register if you're on a ls1021a and
decide" hullabaloo.


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