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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] mm: compaction: avoid fast_isolate_around() to set pageblock_skip on reserved pages

On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 02:01:16PM +0100, Vlastimil Babka wrote:
> On 11/21/20 8:45 PM, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> > A corollary issue was fixed in
> > 39639000-39814fff : Unknown E820 type
> >
> > pfn 0x7a200 -> 0x7a200000 min_pfn hit non-RAM:
> >
> > 7a17b000-7a216fff : Unknown E820 type
> It would be nice to also provide a /proc/zoneinfo and how exactly the
> "zone_spans_pfn" was violated. I assume we end up below zone's
> start_pfn, but is it true?

Agreed, I was about to grab that info along with all page struct
around the pfn 0x7a200 and phys address 0x7a216fff.

# grep -A1 E820 /proc/iomem
7a17b000-7a216fff : Unknown E820 type
7a217000-7bffffff : System RAM

DMA zone_start_pfn 1 zone_end_pfn() 4096 contiguous 1
DMA32 zone_start_pfn 4096 zone_end_pfn() 1048576 contiguous 0
Normal zone_start_pfn 1048576 zone_end_pfn() 4715392 contiguous 1
Movable zone_start_pfn 0 zone_end_pfn() 0 contiguous 0

500222 0x7a1fe000 0x1fff000000001000 reserved True
500223 0x7a1ff000 0x1fff000000001000 reserved True

# I suspect "highest pfn" was somewhere in the RAM range
# 0x7a217000-0x7a400000 and the pageblock_start_pfn(pfn)
# made highest point to pfn 0x7a200 physaddr 0x7a200000
# below, which is reserved indeed since it's non-RAM
# first number is pfn hex(500224) == 0x7a200

pfn physaddr page->flags
500224 0x7a200000 0x1fff000000001000 reserved True
500225 0x7a201000 0x1fff000000001000 reserved True
500245 0x7a215000 0x1fff000000001000 reserved True
500246 0x7a216000 0x1fff000000001000 reserved True
500247 0x7a217000 0x3fff000000000000 reserved False
500248 0x7a218000 0x3fff000000000000 reserved False

All RAM pages non-reserved are starting at 0x7a217000 as expected.

The non-RAM page_zonenum(pfn_to_page(0x7a200)) points to ZONE_DMA and
page_zone(page) below was the DMA zone despite the pfn of 0x7a200 is
in DMA32.

VM_BUG_ON_PAGE(!zone_spans_pfn(page_zone(page), pfn), page);

So the patch I sent earlier should prevent the above BUG_ON by not
setting highest to 0x7a200 when pfn is in the phys RAM range
0x7a217000-0x7a400000, because pageblock_pfn_to_page will notice that
the zone is the wrong one.

if (page_zone(start_page) != zone)
return NULL;

However the real bug seems that reserved pages have a zero zone_id in
the page->flags when it should have the real zone id/nid. The patch I
sent earlier to validate highest would only be needed to deal with

Something must have changed more recently than v5.1 that caused the
zoneid of reserved pages to be wrong, a possible candidate for the
real would be this change below:

+ __init_single_page(pfn_to_page(pfn), pfn, 0, 0);

Even if it may not be it, at the light of how the reserved page
zoneid/nid initialized went wrong, the above line like it's too flakey
to stay.

It'd be preferable if the pfn_valid fails and the
pfn_to_section_nr(pfn) returns an invalid section for the intermediate
step. Even better memset 0xff over the whole page struct until the
second stage comes around.

Whenever pfn_valid is true, it's better that the zoneid/nid is correct
all times, otherwise if the second stage fails we end up in a bug with
weird side effects.

Maybe it's not the above that left a zero zoneid though, I haven't
tried to bisect it yet to look how the page->flags looked like on a
older kernel that didn't seem to reproduce this crash, I'm just


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