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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/29] iov_iter: Switch to using a table of operations
On 11/24/20 5:50 AM, David Howells wrote:
> Pavel Begunkov <> wrote:
>> fio is relatively heavy, I'd suggest to try fio/t/io_uring with nullblk
> no patches:

Here's what I get. nullb0 using blk-mq, and submit_queues==NPROC.
iostats and merging disabled, using 8k bs for t/io_uring to ensure we
have > 1 segment. Everything pinned to the same CPU to ensure
reproducibility and stability. Kernel has CONFIG_RETPOLINE enabled.

IOPS=2453184, IOS/call=32/31, inflight=128 (128)
IOPS=2435648, IOS/call=32/32, inflight=64 (64)
IOPS=2448544, IOS/call=32/31, inflight=96 (96)
IOPS=2439584, IOS/call=32/31, inflight=128 (128)
IOPS=2454176, IOS/call=32/32, inflight=32 (32)

5.10-rc5+all patches
IOPS=2304224, IOS/call=32/32, inflight=64 (64)
IOPS=2309216, IOS/call=32/32, inflight=32 (32)
IOPS=2305376, IOS/call=32/31, inflight=128 (128)
IOPS=2300544, IOS/call=32/32, inflight=128 (128)
IOPS=2301728, IOS/call=32/32, inflight=32 (32)

which looks to be around a 6% drop.

Using actual hardware instead of just null_blk:

IOPS=854163, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=101 (101)
IOPS=855495, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=117 (117)
IOPS=856118, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=100 (100)
IOPS=855863, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=113 (113)
IOPS=856282, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=116 (116)

5.10-rc5+all patches
IOPS=833391, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=100 (100)
IOPS=838342, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=100 (100)
IOPS=839921, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=105 (105)
IOPS=841607, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=123 (123)
IOPS=843625, IOS/call=31/31, inflight=107 (107)

which looks to be around 2-3%, but we're also running at a much
slower rate (830K vs ~2.3M).

Jens Axboe

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