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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/9] Add support for Microsoft Surface System Aggregator Module
On 11/24/20 12:59 PM, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi,
> On 11/15/20 8:21 PM, Maximilian Luz wrote:
>> Hello,
>> N.B.: the following text is mostly a repeat of cover letter from the
>> previous RFC for the uninitiated, which can be found at
>> See "Changes" below for an overview of differences between the RFC and
>> this patchset. I hope I have addressed all comments from that in this
>> version, thank you again for those.
>> The Surface System Aggregator Module (we'll refer to it as Surface
>> Aggregator or SAM below) is an embedded controller (EC) found on various
>> Microsoft Surface devices. Specifically, all 4th and later generation
>> Surface devices, i.e. Surface Pro 4, Surface Book 1 and later, with the
>> exception of the Surface Go series and the Surface Duo. Notably, it
>> seems like this EC can also be found on the ARM-based Surface Pro X [1].
> <snip>
>> This patch-set can also be found at the following repository and
>> reference, if you prefer to look at a kernel tree instead of these
>> emails:
>> tags/s/surface-aggregator/v1
>> Thanks,
>> Max
> Thank you for your work on this. It would be great if we can get better
> support for the Surface line in the mainline kernel.
> Since a lot of people have already commented on this series I think that
> you have enough feedback to do a v2 addressing that feedback right?

Yes, I'm already working on it.

> For now I'm going to assume that you will do a v2 addressing the
> initial round of comments and not review this myself (IOW I'll review
> this when v2 is posted).

Sure, no need for you to review v1 at this point.

> Let me know if you see things differently.


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