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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC 01/10] vmalloc: Add basic perm alloc implementation
On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 12:30 PM Rick Edgecombe
<> wrote:
> In order to allow for future arch specific optimizations for vmalloc
> permissions, first add an implementation of a new interface that will
> work cross arch by using the existing set_memory_() functions.
> When allocating some memory that will be RO, for example it should be used
> like:
> /* Reserve va */
> struct perm_allocation *alloc = perm_alloc(vstart, vend, page_cnt, PERM_R);

I'm sure I could reverse-engineer this from the code, but:

Where do vstart and vend come from? Does perm_alloc() allocate memory
or just virtual addresses? Is the caller expected to call vmalloc()?
How does one free this thing?

> unsigned long ro = (unsigned long)perm_alloc_address(alloc);
> /* Write to writable address */
> strcpy((char *)perm_writable_addr(alloc, ro), "Some data to be RO");
> /* Signal that writing is done and mapping should be live */
> perm_writable_finish(alloc);
> /* Print from RO address */
> printk("Read only data is: %s\n", (char *)ro);

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