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SubjectRe: [PATCH net-next 1/7] net: mscc: ocelot: use the pvid of zero when bridged with vlan_filtering=0

On 31/10/2020 12:29:10+0200, Vladimir Oltean wrote:
> Currently, mscc_ocelot ports configure pvid=0 in standalone mode, and
> inherit the pvid from the bridge when one is present.
> When the bridge has vlan_filtering=0, the software semantics are that
> packets should be received regardless of whether there's a pvid
> configured on the ingress port or not. However, ocelot does not observe
> those semantics today.
> Moreover, changing the PVID is also a problem with vlan_filtering=0.
> We are privately remapping the VID of FDB, MDB entries to the port's
> PVID when those are VLAN-unaware (i.e. when the VID of these entries
> comes to us as 0). But we have no logic of adjusting that remapping when
> the user changes the pvid and vlan_filtering is 0. So stale entries
> would be left behind, and untagged traffic will stop matching on them.
> And even if we were to solve that, there's an even bigger problem. If
> swp0 has pvid 1, and swp1 has pvid 2, and both are under a vlan_filtering=0
> bridge, they should be able to forward traffic between one another.
> However, with ocelot they wouldn't do that.
> The simplest way of fixing this is to never configure the pvid based on
> what the bridge is asking for, when vlan_filtering is 0. Only if there
> was a VLAN that the bridge couldn't mangle, that we could use as pvid....
> So, turns out, there's 0 just for that. And for a reason: IEEE
> 802.1Q-2018, page 247, Table 9-2-Reserved VID values says:
> The null VID. Indicates that the tag header contains only
> priority information; no VID is present in the frame.
> This VID value shall not be configured as a PVID or a member
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> of a VID Set, or configured in any FDB entry, or used in any
> Management operation.
> So, aren't we doing exactly what 802.1Q says not to? Well, in a way, but
> what we're doing here is just driver-level bookkeeping, all for the
> better. The fact that we're using a pvid of 0 is not observable behavior
> from the outside world: the network stack does not see the classified
> VLAN that the switch uses, in vlan_filtering=0 mode. And we're also more
> consistent with the standalone mode now.

IIRC, we are using pvid 1 because else bridging breaks when
CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q is not enabled. Did you test that configuration?

Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin
Embedded Linux and Kernel engineering

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