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SubjectRe: [PATCH v20 15/20] mm/lru: introduce TestClearPageLRU

在 2020/11/2 下午11:10, Johannes Weiner 写道:
> On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 06:45:00PM +0800, Alex Shi wrote:
>> Currently lru_lock still guards both lru list and page's lru bit, that's
>> ok. but if we want to use specific lruvec lock on the page, we need to
>> pin down the page's lruvec/memcg during locking. Just taking lruvec
>> lock first may be undermined by the page's memcg charge/migration. To
>> fix this problem, we could clear the lru bit out of locking and use
>> it as pin down action to block the page isolation in memcg changing.
> Small nit, but the use of "could" in this sentence sounds like you're
> describing one possible solution that isn't being taken, when in fact
> you are describing the chosen locking mechanism.
> Replacing "could" with "will" would make things a bit clearer IMO.

Yes, 'will' is better here. Thanks!

>> So now a standard steps of page isolation is following:
>> 1, get_page(); #pin the page avoid to be free
>> 2, TestClearPageLRU(); #block other isolation like memcg change
>> 3, spin_lock on lru_lock; #serialize lru list access
>> 4, delete page from lru list;
>> The step 2 could be optimzed/replaced in scenarios which page is
>> unlikely be accessed or be moved between memcgs.
> This is a bit ominous. I'd either elaborate / provide an example /
> clarify why some sites can deal with races - or just remove that
> sentence altogether from this part of the changelog.

A few scenarios here, so examples looks verbose or cann't describe whole.
Maybe removing above 2 lines "The step 2 could be optimzed/replaced in
scenarios which page is unlikely be accessed or be moved between memcgs."
is better.


>> This patch start with the first part: TestClearPageLRU, which combines
>> PageLRU check and ClearPageLRU into a macro func TestClearPageLRU. This
>> function will be used as page isolation precondition to prevent other
>> isolations some where else. Then there are may !PageLRU page on lru
>> list, need to remove BUG() checking accordingly.
>> There 2 rules for lru bit now:
>> 1, the lru bit still indicate if a page on lru list, just in some
>> temporary moment(isolating), the page may have no lru bit when
>> it's on lru list. but the page still must be on lru list when the
>> lru bit set.
>> 2, have to remove lru bit before delete it from lru list.
>> As Andrew Morton mentioned this change would dirty cacheline for page
>> isn't on LRU. But the lost would be acceptable in Rong Chen
>> <> report:
>> Suggested-by: Johannes Weiner <>
>> Signed-off-by: Alex Shi <>
>> Acked-by: Hugh Dickins <>
>> Cc: Hugh Dickins <>
>> Cc: Johannes Weiner <>
>> Cc: Michal Hocko <>
>> Cc: Vladimir Davydov <>
>> Cc: Andrew Morton <>
>> Cc:
>> Cc:
>> Cc:
> Acked-by: Johannes Weiner <>


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