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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 0/6] Add support for the IEI WT61P803 PUZZLE MCU

On 11/1/20 3:56 AM, Luka Kovacic wrote:
> Hello Pavel,
> On Thu, Oct 29, 2020 at 7:01 PM Pavel Machek <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> +What: /sys/bus/serial/devices/.../iei_wt61p803_puzzle_core/power_status
>>> +Date: September 2020
>>> +Contact: Luka Kovacic <>
>>> +Description: (RO) Power status indicates the host platform power on method.
>>> + Value mapping (bitwise list):
>>> + 0x80 - Null
>>> + 0x40 - Firmware flag
>>> + 0x20 - Power loss detection flag (powered off)
>>> + 0x10 - Power loss detection flag (AC mode)
>>> + 0x08 - Button power on
>>> + 0x04 - WOL power on
>>> + 0x02 - RTC alarm power on
>>> + 0x01 - AC recover power on
>> It would be nice to put this into standard place somewhere. Many
>> machines will want to expose this information.
> As this is specific to this microcontroller and to how it encodes
> these values, I don't see a need to change this.
> This isn't used anywhere else.
>> If not, at least spell out WoL, as it is not that common of acronym.
> Okay.

WoL is a very common acronym especially in the networking space

But the overall this section does not make sense

The description says that it indicates platform power on method but what
is NULL power on? There are flags for power loss detection.

Does the RTC mean that the processor real time clock woke up the uC? Or
that the internal RTC woke up the controller?

And for the
what are those values?

It seems like some ABI's are documented well with formats and others are
just described without a format.

For instance

/sys/bus/serial/devices/.../iei_wt61p803_puzzle_core/version the format
of this version is not described but
/sys/bus/serial/devices/.../iei_wt61p803_puzzle_core/build_info is.


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