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SubjectRe: [PATCH] sched/core: Add missing completion for affine_move_task() waiters

On 15/11/20 11:59, Tao Zhou wrote:
> Oh, I did not receive this patch from ''
> account. Checked that you sent the patch to that mail address
> from web. If 'ouwen210' is not a good mail account name(I have
> used this name since 2002), I will change to use this one(Now
> is smooth enough and can go to lkml).

Nah, any address is fine. I grabbed whatever emails were cc'd to the patch
this is fixing - just make sure you're using the right address (i.e. the
one you want LKML stuff to go to) when interacting on the list and you
should be good.

> Thanks,
> Tao

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