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SubjectRe: v5.10-rc3 vs. Droid 4

> > Does anyone have Droid 4 working with 5.10-rc3?
> >
> > I tried it with the original config; I got message about culomb
> > counter calibration done scrolling (and boot progressing very slowly
> > or not at all) . So ... I disabled cpcap battery & charger
> > support. But init still drops me to emergency shell.
> >
> > I may try some more, but if someone know what is going on, let me
> > know.

I get at least three backtraces in dmesg... hmm. Four.

regmap/regmap.c: 3024 regmap_update_bits.
regulator/core.c put_part.2
regmap.c: 3024 again.

The last one is "WARNING: CPU: 1 PID: 55 at
drivers/net/...wlcore/sdio.c... raw_read+0x88.

I'm in emergency shell ... I don't even have "|" in the keymap, so
reading dmesg is ... not fun.

Hmm.. And now I'm getting backtraces once per second... "Framedone not
received for 250ms".

It seems something is detecting mmc1 at 480ad000, pushing my root to
mmcblk2 and breaking stuff...?

Best regards,
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