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SubjectRe: v5.10-rc3 vs. Droid 4
> >
> > Does anyone have Droid 4 working with 5.10-rc3?
> >
> > I tried it with the original config; I got message about culomb
> > counter calibration done scrolling (and boot progressing very slowly
> > or not at all) . So ... I disabled cpcap battery & charger
> > support. But init still drops me to emergency shell.
> >
> > I may try some more, but if someone know what is going on, let me
> > know.
> I ran into this too, sorry I thought I added you to Cc but looks like not.
> See the fix here:

You did (thank you!) but I failed to realize importance of that
email. I have tested it and the culomb counter messages are gone.


But it looks like my mmcblk interfaces got re-numbered, from mmcblk0 &
mmcblk1 to mmcblk0 & mmcblk2. ... which breaks my startup. If someone
knows what is going on there, please tell me :-).

Best regards,
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