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Subject[PATCHSET RFC v3 0/6] Add support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL

The goal is this patch series is to decouple TWA_SIGNAL based task_work
from real signals and signal delivery. The motivation is speeding up
TWA_SIGNAL based task_work, particularly for threaded setups where
->sighand is shared across threads.

Patch 1 is just a cleanup patchs, since I noticed that notify_resume
handling has some arch redundancy..

Patch 2 provides an abstraction around signal_pending(), in preparation
for allowing TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL to break scheduling loops.

Patch 3 just splits system call restart handling from the arch signal
delivery. Only the generic entry code is updated.

Patch 4 adds generic support for TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL, calling the
appropriate tracehook_notify_signal() if TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL is set.

Patch 5 just defines TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL for x86, since the generic code
is now ready for it.

Patch 6 finally allows task_work to use notify_signal to handle
TWA_SIGNAL based task_work.

Changes since v2:
- notify resume cleanup
- split patch series
- improve commit messages and comments
- kvm TIF_NOTIFY_SIGNAL handling

Jens Axboe

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