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SubjectRe: [PATCH v20 02/20] mm/memcg: bail early from swap accounting if memcg disabled

在 2020/10/30 下午10:04, Johannes Weiner 写道:
>>> Acked-by: Johannes Weiner <>
>>> This should go in before the previous patch that adds the WARN for it.
>> Right, but than the long ops may not weird. Should I remove the ops and resend the whole patchset?
> You mean the warning in the changelog? I think that's alright. You can
> just say that you're about to remove the !page->memcg check in the
> next patch because the original reasons for having it are gone, and
> memcg being disabled is the only remaining exception, so this patch
> makes that check explicit in preparation for the next.
> Sorry, it's all a bit of a hassle, I just wouldn't want to introduce a
> known warning into the kernel between those two patches (could confuse
> bisection runs, complicates partial reverts etc.)

H Johannes,

I see, I will exchange the 1st and 2nd patch place with above comments in commit log.
I guess you could give more comments on other patches, so I am going to wait you for
more comments and send v21 as a whole. :)

Many thanks!

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