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On 2020/10/3 06:28, David Miller wrote:
> From: Coly Li <>
> Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2020 16:27:27 +0800
>> As Sagi Grimberg suggested, the original fix is refind to a more common
>> inline routine:
>> static inline bool sendpage_ok(struct page *page)
>> {
>> return (!PageSlab(page) && page_count(page) >= 1);
>> }
>> If sendpage_ok() returns true, the checking page can be handled by the
>> concrete zero-copy sendpage method in network layer.
> Series applied.
>> The v10 series has 7 patches, fixes a WARN_ONCE() usage from v9 series,
> ...
> I still haven't heard from you how such a fundamental build failure
> was even possible.

Hi David,

Here is the detail steps how I leaked this uncompleted patch to you,
1) Add WARN_ONCE() as WARN_ON() to kernel_sendpage(). Maybe I was still
hesitating when I typed WARN_ONCE() on keyboard.
2) Generate the patches, prepare to post
3) Hmm, compiling failed, oh it is WARN_ONCE(). Yeah, WARN_ONCE() might
be more informative and better.
4) Modify to use WARN_ONCE() and compile and try, looks fine.
5) Re-generate the patches to overwrite the previous ones.
6) Post the patches.

The missing part was, before I post the patches, I should do rebase and
commit the change, but (interrupted by other stuffs) it skipped in my
mind. Although I regenerated the series but the change was not included.
The result was, uncompleted patch posted and the second-half change
still stayed in my local file.

> If the v9 patch series did not even compile, how in the world did you
> perform functional testing of these changes?

Only 0002-net-add-WARN_ONCE-in-kernel_sendpage-for-improper-ze.patch was
tested in v9 series, other tests were done in previous versions.

> Please explain this to me, instead of just quietly fixing it and
> posting an updated series.

And not all the patches in the series were tested. Here is the testing
coverage of the series:

The following ones were tested and verified to break nothing and avoid
the mm corruption and panic,

The following ones were not tested, due to complicated environment setup,

This patch I didn't explicitly test, due to lack of knowledge to modify
network code to trigger a buggy condition. It just went with other
tested patches,

Back to the built failure, I don't have excuse for leaking this
uncompleted version to you. Of cause I will try to avoid to
inefficiently occupy maintainer's time by such silly mess up.

Thanks for your review and the thorough maintenance.

Coly Li

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