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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] TC-ETF support PTP clocks series

On 02/10/2020 21:01, Vinicius Costa Gomes wrote:
> Hi Erez,
> Erez Geva <> writes:
>> Add support for using PTP clock with
>> Traffic control Earliest TxTime First (ETF) Qdisc.
>> Why do we need ETF to use PTP clock?
>> Current ETF requires to synchronization the system clock
>> to the PTP Hardware clock (PHC) we want to send through.
>> But there are cases that we can not synchronize the system clock with
>> the desire NIC PHC.
>> 1. We use several NICs with several PTP domains that our device
>> is not allowed to be PTP master.
>> And we are not allowed to synchronize these PTP domains.
>> 2. We are using another clock source which we need for our system.
>> Yet our device is not allowed to be PTP master.
>> Regardless of the exact topology, as the Linux tradition is to allow
>> the user the freedom to choose, we propose a patch that will allow
>> the user to configure the TC-ETF with a PTP clock as well as
>> using the system clock.
>> * NOTE: we do encourage the users to synchronize the system clock with
>> a PTP clock.
>> As the ETF watchdog uses the system clock.
>> Synchronizing the system clock with a PTP clock will probably
>> reduce the frequency different of the PHC and the system clock.
>> As sequence, the user might be able to reduce the ETF delta time
>> and the packets latency cross the network.
>> Follow the decision to derive a dynamic clock ID from the file description
>> of an opened PTP clock device file.
>> We propose a simple way to use the dynamic clock ID with the ETF Qdisc.
>> We will submit a patch to the "tc" tool from the iproute2 project
>> once this patch is accepted.
> In addition to what Thomas said, I would like to add some thoughts
> (mostly re-wording some of Thomas' comments :-)).
> I think that there's an underlying problem/limitation that is the cause
> of the issue (or at least a step in the right direction) you are trying
> to solve: the issue is that PTP clocks can't be used as hrtimers.
> I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about how to solve this (the only
> thing that comes to mind is having a timecounter, or similar, "software
> view" over the PHC clock).
> Anyway, my feeling is that until this is solved, we would only be
> working around the problem, and creating even more hard to handle corner
> cases.
> Cheers,

You are right.

Thanks for the insight.

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