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SubjectRE: [DISCUSSION PATCH 00/41] random: possible ways towards NIST SP800-90B compliance
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> From: Theodore Y. Ts'o <>
> Sent: Friday, October 2, 2020 8:14 PM
> To: Van Leeuwen, Pascal <>
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> Subject: Re: [DISCUSSION PATCH 00/41] random: possible ways towards NIST SP800-90B compliance
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> On Fri, Oct 02, 2020 at 03:39:35PM +0000, Van Leeuwen, Pascal wrote:
> > > Then your company can not contribute in Linux kernel development, as
> > > this is obviously not allowed by such a footer.
> > >
> > Interesting, this has never been raised as a problem until today ...
> > Going back through my mail archive, it looks like they started automatically adding that some
> > 3 months ago. Not that they informed anyone about that, it just silently happened.
> So use a private e-mail address (e.g., at if you don't
> want to run your mail server) and then tunnel out SMTP requests using
> ssh. It's not hard. :-)
Actually, for the last patches I sent I already had to tunnel them over some 3rd
party SMTP-over-HTTPS service because of our firewall blocking access to
the Gmail SMTP server I previously used for that :-(

I guess tunnelling over SSH is another option, although I have no idea how to
do such a thing (didn't know it was possible). At the end of the day, I am not
a software guy, so I'm not _that_ much into these kinds of things ...

That doesn't work for _regular_ mail, though, as I would not be able to setup
a mail client for that. I can't install anything and I can't even touch the settings
of my Outlook client :-(

For incoming mail I'm actually bulk forwarding the mailing list through my
Gmail account now because our mail server stopped accepting it directly.
WIth POP3 and IMAP being blocked, I still need to find some way to receive
patches without our Exchange server fubarring them though (tips are welcome!).
Right now the only solution I have is fetch them from my home PC and take
them to work on a USB stick. Welcome to 2020 ...

> I've worked a multiple $BIG_COMPANY's, and I've been doing this for
> decades. It's also helpful when I need to send e-mails from
> conference networks from my laptop....

Pascal van Leeuwen
Silicon IP Architect Multi-Protocol Engines, Rambus Security
Rambus ROTW Holding BV
+31-73 6581953

Note: The Inside Secure/Verimatrix Silicon IP team was recently acquired by Rambus.
Please be so kind to update your e-mail address book with my new e-mail address.
- Ted

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