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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: x86: VMX: Make smaller physical guest address space support user-configurable
On 02/10/20 19:28, Naresh Kamboju wrote:
>> commit 608e2791d7353e7d777bf32038ca3e7d548155a4 (HEAD -> kvm-master)
>> Author: Paolo Bonzini <>
>> Date: Tue Sep 29 08:31:32 2020 -0400
>> KVM: VMX: update PFEC_MASK/PFEC_MATCH together with PF intercept
>> The PFEC_MASK and PFEC_MATCH fields in the VMCS reverse the meaning of
>> the #PF intercept bit in the exception bitmap when they do not match.
>> This means that, if PFEC_MASK and/or PFEC_MATCH are set, the
>> hypervisor can get a vmexit for #PF exceptions even when the
>> corresponding bit is clear in the exception bitmap.
>> This is unexpected and is promptly reported as a WARN_ON_ONCE.
>> To fix it, reset PFEC_MASK and PFEC_MATCH when the #PF intercept
>> is disabled (as is common with enable_ept && !allow_smaller_maxphyaddr).
> I have tested this patch on an x86_64 machine and the reported issue is gone.

Thanks, the issue with my disk is gone too so it'll get to Linus in time
for rc8.


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