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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 00/10] Independent per-CPU data section for nVHE
On Tue, 22 Sep 2020 21:49:00 +0100, David Brazdil wrote:
> Introduce '' as part of ongoing effort to make nVHE
> hyp code self-contained and independent of the rest of the kernel.
> Main benefits:
> * independent nVHE per-CPU data section that can be unmapped from host,
> * more robust linking of nVHE hyp code,
> * no need for hyp-specific macros to access per-CPU variables.
> [...]

Applied to next, thanks!

[01/10] kvm: arm64: Partially link nVHE hyp code, simplify HYPCOPY
commit: ab25464bdabd45f283cc1194e332040f89071106
[02/10] kvm: arm64: Move nVHE hyp namespace macros to hyp_image.h
commit: ce492a16ffb8814d9651c3fdafc363bfa1b01189
[03/10] kvm: arm64: Only define __kvm_ex_table for CONFIG_KVM
commit: 3471ee06e33e413d7fa73c1aa3092e6e794b9e05
[04/10] kvm: arm64: Remove __hyp_this_cpu_read
commit: 717cf94adb54095d14a6674baea73123188f2901
[05/10] kvm: arm64: Remove hyp_adr/ldr_this_cpu
commit: ea391027d35546d9155f1350123b5af8bddec706
[06/10] kvm: arm64: Add helpers for accessing nVHE hyp per-cpu vars
commit: 572494995bc3d282336bfd8162741929402910b9
[07/10] kvm: arm64: Duplicate arm64_ssbd_callback_required for nVHE hyp
commit: df4c8214a18d202fa0ec221a001f640e020f7e44
[08/10] kvm: arm64: Create separate instances of kvm_host_data for VHE/nVHE
commit: 2a1198c9b436402582f7beed57028044b819329c
[09/10] kvm: arm64: Set up hyp percpu data for nVHE
commit: 30c953911c4370bfb622ee1c2fcc7e78c84df800
[10/10] kvm: arm64: Remove unnecessary hyp mappings
commit: a3bb9c3a00551726590137e3974495ce6cf6b758


Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.

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