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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/80] htmldoc build fixes with Sphinx 2.x and 3.x
Em Thu, 15 Oct 2020 17:49:23 +0200
Daniel Vetter <> escreveu:

> On Tue, Oct 13, 2020 at 01:53:15PM +0200, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> > This series actually folds the previous Sphinx 3.x patch series
> > with the other patches I sent fixing warnings with Sphinx
> > 2.x and with kernel-doc and that weren't merged yet via
> > some other tree.
> >
> > It is based on the top of upstream, plus the media
> > pull request I sent yesterday:
> >
> >
> >
> > My plan is to send a pull request with those patches after Thursday's
> > linux next release.
> >
> > On this series, I removed the patches that depend on material
> > currently found only at linux-next.
> Was a bit tricky to find the cover letter here and that you plan to
> send these out this merge window.

Sorry for that. As this series touch lots of subsystems, just c/c
the maintainers mean more than 50 c/c to patch 00. Some e-mail
servers may not accept e-mails with too many c/c people.

Yet, checking at the c/c list of the original patch, you were
copied on patch 00/80. So, maybe the e-mail server had silently
dropped the original e-mail.

> I think we'll have some confusion
> now with Alex from amd having picked up a few already.

I ended moving (at least part of) the drm patches from this
series into a second one, as I'm intending to submit most of
those patches today or tomorrow, and the remaining ones by the
end of the merge window.

> Anyway Acked-by: Daniel Vetter <> for the
> remaining drm patches.

Thank you!

> Although I can also pick them up to
> drm-misc-next (but that's going to be 5.11 or so).

It would be a way better to have them merged for 5.10, in
order to have a clean html build there.


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