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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH] spmi: prefix spmi bus device names with "spmi"
On 10/2/20 2:39 PM, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> I see things like this on my console:
> [ 1.684617] spmi spmi-0: PMIC arbiter version v5 (0x50000000)
> and 'spmi' is the bus name I'm thinking about. But I think that's
> because there isn't a driver attached. Nothing prints for the 0-00
> device by default, so I enabled the debug print for it and I see
> [ 1.693280] pmic-spmi 0-00: 28: unknown v2.0
> Anyway, the device name was written to follow i2c as far as I can tell.
> If scripts, i.e. computers, have a hard time figuring out the name of
> the device then fix the script?

I agree that we can drop this patch. There is no technical requirement
for the spmi device naming scheme to be changed. We will update our
downstream test scripts to use the upstream naming scheme and also
socialize the naming difference internally.

Take care,

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