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SubjectRe: Re: [PATCH 2/2] pinctrl: rockchip: make driver be tristate module
Dear Walleij and Heiko

The patch "[PATCH] pinctrl: rockchip: populate platform device for rockchip gpio" has been remove outof
the patches, since we have a new patch to move gpio related codes to a separated driver.

So please ignore it for now. thanks very much.

>On Mon, Sep 21, 2020 at 12:18 AM Heiko Stübner <> wrote:
>> It seems I've reviewed all patches of this series now, but I think
>> you might want to resend the series a final time as v3 in a cleaned up
>> state (drop patch1 and just post patches 2-5 in a full series) so that
>> we don't confuse Linus too much with the reposted patches we currently
>> have.
>Yes please send a v3 like that so I can apply it!
>Linus Walleij
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